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Noncontact strip material gauging system

We are experienced and dedicated to producing “quality systems solving quality problems”.

Automation Concepts Ltd.

Automation Concepts Ltd. is a Connecticut based engineering business which concentrates on integrating both traditional and advanced technologies with manufacturing applications. Typically this activity involves designing, fabricating, and engineering a turn-key solution which can either be an upgrade to an existing operation or a completely new solution.

ACL’s Engineering Concentrations Include:

  • Integrating automated inspection techniques within existing operations 
  • Special process & quality improvement applications
  • Custom design & fabrication of semi or fully automated work stations including indexers, pick 'n' place units, robotic end effectors, etc.
  • Design development & fabrication of special process tooling
  • Applying controls & developing custom application software (PLC, PC, HMI)
  • Integrating various sensor technologies (vision, laser, lvdt, led, etc.)
  • Conducting R&D programs, feasibility analyses, and prototyping

Our Latest Addition

Part Inspection Support Accessories

In addition to designing and fabricating custom systems ACL now offers a new line of part support and translation tooling suitable for use when gauging components with laser micrometer or other non-contact gauging devices. Our support devices are designed for table top usage and are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes.

Our accessories can also be configured to accommodate auto load/unload capabilities and other application-specific operational features. Contact us for our standard unit and accessory pricing

Laser Micrometer Part Inspection Support & Slide Unit

ACL Part Inspection Support & Slide Unit

ACL Part Inspection Support & Slide Unit

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